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Interruption or reduced blood supply to the brain reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients brain cells get. As a result, they start dying, causing a stroke. It is an emergency condition and needs immediate medical attention. Delay in medical care can lead to brain damage and other complications.

How to trace if it is a Stroke?
Sensory organs show disruptions. The person will not be able to speak or see things. He may slur the words, experience confusion, and have difficulty understanding speech.

Stroke can cause numbness in the arm, leg, or face and paralyze them. It usually affects one side of the body. A person may complain of severe headache, dizziness, and vomiting, a condition of nausea.

Do not delay a visit to a doctor if you experience any of the symptoms. Many times stroke symptoms come and go and disappear. But a person should not miss out on the visit to a doctor for better analysis and expert advice.

What causes Stroke?
Blocked arteries in the brain or leaking of the blood vessel are two causes of stroke. Ischemic stroke occurs when blood vessels become narrow, restricting the blood flow to the brain and causing cells to die. Blockage occurs due to fatty deposits that travel through the bloodstream and lodge in blood cells of the brain. A ruptured blood vessel in the brain causes a hemorrhagic stroke. It occurs due to any number of factors. To name a few, high blood pressure, trauma, weakening of blood vessel walls due to protein deposits can cause hemorrhagic stroke.

How can I reduce the risk of Stroke?
Changes in Lifestyle help reduce vulnerability. It includes adopting healthy dietary measures, routine exercises. Controlled or, if possible no, use of alcohol and cigarette benefits a person a lot. Along with these measures, one also needs to monitor the health concerns like blood pressure, sugar level, Obstructive sleep apnea, to name a few. A person having a family history of cardiovascular disease should be a little more careful and concerned.

Diagnostic and Treatment Measures
A person needs to undergo a physical examination, blood test, and other screening tests that help experts understand the cause and intensity of stroke better. Treatments depend on the level and nature of the stroke. Experts may feel the need to insert medicine into the brain through a vein to dissolve the blood clot causing a stroke. Endovascular therapy is another measure experts adopt to remove the clot. Angioplasty, stents, coiling is a few to name among other surgical procedures that experts use to restore the blood supply to the brain and facilitate smooth functioning of the brain.