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Celebral Palsy

What is Cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a cause of many muscular and movement disorders. It occurs due to immature development of the brain, most often before birth. Effects and causes of cerebral palsy vary from person to person. Some people experience exaggerated reflexes, intellectual disabilities, unusual posture, and involuntary movements. Some, along with these, may also experience epilepsy, blindness, or deafness.

What signs person suffering from cerebral palsy show?

Movement disorder is the most common deformity observed. It causes stiffness in muscles and exaggerated reflexes. Muscles lack coordination and balance, causing a person to be stiff or too floppy. A person may show jerky involuntary slow movements. Motor skills also suffer due to a lack of balance and coordination in muscular movements. Children with cerebral palsy may encounter difficulties in speaking, sucking, chewing, and eating food. There are tendencies of a person suffering from neurological disorders as well. It includes Seizures, Difficulty hearing, to name a few.

When to visit a Doctor?

Delayed developmental activities in the child need immediate visit to a specialist. Unusual bodily movements or muscle tone and developmental issues with children arise the need to consult experts immediately.

Cerebral palsy exists from birth, but symptoms appear a few months to a year after birth. Therefore there may arise the need to wait till signs and symptoms become prominent. However, early intervention of experts helps to monitor the growth and development of the child. Paediatric neurologists, paediatric physical medicine, and rehabilitation specialist are the experts one should consult for better diagnosis and effective treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Screening and imaging tests like brain scans and EEG helps in better analysis and evaluating the condition of the person. Additional speech, vision, intellect tests by experts helps them make a better analysis. Many experts use a rating scale to determine the severity level of the ailment. It helps in selecting the treatments. Unfortunately, no treatment can completely cure cerebral palsy. But early interventions by experts help in selecting therapies and rehabilitation processes that can benefit the person.