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Overview Physiotherapy is one of the oldest and best ways of managing the pain that restricts physical activity. Physiotherapy works in every case, whether it is injury, frozen shoulder, wrong posture, or external factor. It also works as a diagnostic measure and prevents further damage a pin in the joint or shoulder can do to […]

Spinal Cord Injury

Overview Spinal cord injury often causes loss of strength, sensation and affects the functionality of the organ. It interrupts the ability of the person to continue with his daily routine activities and affects his social, emotional, and physical aspects of life. Surgical treatment and rehabilitation processes allow many people with spinal cord injuries to lead […]


Overview Interruption or reduced blood supply to the brain reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients brain cells get. As a result, they start dying, causing a stroke. It is an emergency condition and needs immediate medical attention. Delay in medical care can lead to brain damage and other complications. How to trace if it […]

Celebral Palsy

What is Cerebral palsy? Cerebral palsy is a cause of many muscular and movement disorders. It occurs due to immature development of the brain, most often before birth. Effects and causes of cerebral palsy vary from person to person. Some people experience exaggerated reflexes, intellectual disabilities, unusual posture, and involuntary movements. Some, along with these, […]

Geriatric Rehabilitattion

Overview Geriatric Rehabilitation is another way through which we attempt to improvise the quality of life of older people, especially those with disabling impairments. Geriatric Rehabilitation helps restore the functional abilities of people, which in turn reduces their dependence and adds quality to life. Who needs Geriatric Rehabilitation? Many physical and psychological disorders give rise […]

Pre and Post Operative Therapy

Overview Pre and post-operative therapy play a vital role in letting the person accept, adapt and accommodate to the modifications made in the body after surgery. Trained professionals help reduce the stress and pain surgical modifications cause in the body. Why there is a need for Pre-operative Rehabilitation? Individualized pre-operative sessions make a person understand […]

Pain Management

Overview Pain along with physical discomfort interferes with all activities of life and causes frustration, depression, and anxiety. Pain management, on the other hand relieves pain and lets you continue with your routine activities and enjoy life. Pain management is a treatment of its kind. It also needs specialists. A physician anaesthesiologist who specializes in […]