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rehab intro 1 1 Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Our Aim is Person Who Suffer From SPINAL INJURY , STROKE AND
CEREBRAL PALSY Can Live Their Lifes Freely and Independently.

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    The Best Achievements In Recognition Of Our Work


    Vistaar -Spinal Cord Injury Association (2018)

    This Momento of recognition was presented on the occasion of VISTAAR 2018( 4th Spinal cord injury & Rehabilitation Conference & Spinal Cord Injury Games) In Associated with Lovely Professional University


    MACS Doctors Day-2019 Season-2 Delhi

    MACS Doctors day 209 Season-2 Delhi for Making Difference "ONE CAN HELP ONE" Presented to Mr. Gurvinder Singh


    Spinal Cord Injury Association

    " Can't Walk, Let's Fly " Spinal Cord Injury Association In Associated with Lovely Profesional University

    Our Mission:

    Vision : To Provide Accessible And Affordable Quality Healthcare By Professionals. To Provide Best Treatment And Rehabilitation To Our Patients.and Make Best Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Centre In India.

    Mission : Our Aim Was Person Who Suffer From Spinal Injury , Stroke And Cerebral Palsy Can Live Theirs Lifes Freely And Independently. Our Mission To Provide Better Service To The Patients And To Make More And More Patient Independent So That They Can Live Their Life With Courage , Freely, & Independently

    Patients Are Happy, Cause Proper Cure Support


    We help you find a ray of hope when you are in the darkest phase of your life. In 2018 , Gurjot Spinal Rehab & Physiotherapy Centre Was Started In Jalandhar (Punjab, India) By Mr. Gurwinder Singh And Dr. Jyoti. It Is Located At 477 Mota Singh Nagar Jalandhar, Punjab. Our Aim Was Person Who Suffer From Spinal Injury , Stroke And Cerebral Palsy Can Live Theirs Lifes Freely And Independently.

    Physically fit and being mentally sound are the virtues God should bless us with all. But unfortunately, many of us experience tragic injuries or ailments in life that leave us alone and devastated in life.

    Spinal cord injury brings multiple disabilities that make a person believe that he has no options and possibilities left. Stroke results in paralysis and other multi-organ dysfunctionalities that make a person dependent on others.

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    In such situations need is to empathize with the person and make him regain his motivation and desire to live life.

    Experts at Gurjot Spinal Rehab & Physiotherapy center sensitize the person about the potentials that remain unlocked within the person by treating the ailments and healing the broken soul. We at the center continuously attempt to make every moment of a person’s life better and independent from the previous.

    We stand with you to help you face and win the daily challenges of living an independent normal life.


    Professional Psychology Therapy Service You Can Choose


    Spinal Cord Injury

    Spinal cord injury often causes loss of strength, sensation and affects the functionality of the organ. It interrupts the ability of the person to continue with his daily routine activities and affects his social, emotional, and physical aspects of life....



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    Geriatric Rehabilitation

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    Pain management

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    Focusing Your Mind, With The Best Therapeutic Care


    Why we are better than others ?


    We Always Provide all the facilities to the persons who suffer from a spinal injury,
    stroke and cerebral palsy can live their lives freely and independently.
    • An Affordable & Reasonable Treatment

    • Driving Skills

    • Dedicated & Expert Staff

    • Regularly Patients inspection

    • Friendly Atmosphere

    • Care Of Pressure Sore.

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    Certificate of Registration

    It’s all about how we Treat

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    Average Rehabilitation
    Duration (10 Weeks)


    Therapy Per Patient
    (488 hrs)


    In-persons Rehabilitated (2000 Persons)


    Achievement (12 Awards/certification)

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      thumb Jatin Arora

      This place has a very possitive and energizing environment with a zeal of motivation glowing through the air. I have never been depressed or ever felt sad here. This rehabilitation... read more

      thumb Parv Kaur

      100/100 great experience. Visited many places for rehab but wasted. Got a new experience here. Zindgi dekhne ka najaria change ho gya. Ab apne aap ko lachar mehsush ni... read more

      thumb Ujjwal Verma
    • Excellent physiotherapy center. Can learn lot of things from him.. It is a rehabilitation centre also...

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      Very positive atmosphere. Experienced and trained staff. My Son is getting rehabilitation therapy from there. He was on bed since 2015 and with the passage of time his posture became... read more

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      My self Sunil Chaudhary was suffering from disease known as seclorosis, main bahut centre mein gya but still pain and uncomfortable is here present, phir maine search Kiya best physiotherapy... read more

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    • India's NO.1 rehab centre

      thumb Rinku Khajuria

      Very Good care of patients, God bless them.

      thumb Bajrang Singh Parmar

      Great experience.. All are polite, soft spoken and experienced.

      thumb neeraj agarwal